Mother May I.

May 14, 2019

Two months ago on an overcast March afternoon my mom, Rebecca, and I met with our closing agent. She was a strong and knowledgeable presence on a day that can feel overwhelming and scary. If you have ever closed on a house before, perhaps you have also felt these feelings. She was a guiding force […]


Celebrating Strong Women!

March 13, 2019

Happy Womens’ History Month! ‘Women’s Rights Movement Parade; Oskaloosa, Iowa circa 1910’ Congratulations to Accord Home Solutions, LLC on their first residential home purchase!!! Many of ourfriends out there on facebook watched Emily’s video late last year about ouraccepted offer on a property in Oskaloosa, Iowa. We finally closed yesterday March 12, 2019. I want tothrow […]


Refinishing Existing Hard Wood Floors

March 6, 2019

My personal experience and preferance in the homes I have lived in has always been to save and renew existing wood floors. My very first experience, I hired professional wood floor restoration artists, and asked to be the extra labor during the job, so I could learn from experience with pros.  After that, I have […]


Winter Walking & Outdoor Safety

January 30, 2019

At the first cold spell in November on my regular evening walk on a misty, cold evening, I found myself down on my back on the sidewalk. I had walked along normally thinking that the sidewalk was just wet when it was actually a wet skim of ice. The first thing I did was look […]


Cold Can’t Get Me Down: Upholstery Project Ideas

January 23, 2019

As January snow storms set in and I instinctively want to hibernate or at the least stay indoors in the warm comfort of my cave, I look for indoor projects to entertain myself.  I have always liked working on indoor projects in the winter because in the summertime absolutely nothing can keep me inside. I […]


Iowa Off-Campus Housing: 10 Top Rated Iowa City Landlords

January 9, 2019

“I am all to familiar with renting a place to live in Iowa City. I’ve been doing it for the last five years. Buying a house is not always an option for some people, and renting does take a lot of the trouble out of the “home ownership” thing. If you can find a private […]


The Impact Of Real Estate Seasonality On Buying & Selling Trends

January 3, 2019

We have all heard it before: real estate is as cyclical as the day is long. In the last decade alone, we have seen the real estate market extend to both ends of the spectrum. While it’s currently firing on all cylinders at the moment, 2007 saw what would be the onset of one of […]


‘Tis The Season To Do Safety….. Fa La La La La

December 5, 2018

“It was after the Thanksgiving meal had been eaten and the dishes washed and put away. We put in a classic movie to watch as a family downstairs in the basement family room while we decorated the tree together. Emily was 12 and she was the one who smelled something funny. None of the rest […]


Two Winter Risks That Can Cause Serious Damage to a Home

November 14, 2018

“We are past October.  The leaves have fallen and the days continue to get shorter and darker.  As winter Holidays and the days of winter, snow, and ice approach, it seems a good time to address damaging issues now, before they slip up on us.” -Rebecca from Accord Home Solutions Introduction to Ice Dams Ice […]


Autumn Leaves and Ice Dams

November 7, 2018

“Although some species of trees have burgundy and orange leaves still on, a larger amount of trees are bare and leaves have fallen.  It is time to pick a dry, still day and get those gutters empty of leaves before ice dams can form in freezing temps.” -Rebecca from Accord Home Solutions Cleaning out gutters […]