Add Depth with Color-Washing Walls

October 31, 2018

“I have used this paint technique on multiple occasions. It will actually expand the space by giving the illusion of two dimensions with the multiple layers of color. My children have come to expect these green washed walls in many of our gathering, family shared, spaces. In this particular space I used a combination of […]


Dangers of a Leaky Roof

October 24, 2018

“Even small or seemingly minor roof issues, if ignored can cause devastating damage. I am aware of this personally after visiting my family from out of state returning to my childhood home and finding the front wall of the house gone.  A minor leak on the front porch roof not addressed or repaired for just […]


Real Estate Lead Generation 101

February 17, 2016

What are the best real estate lead generation options today? Where and how can real estate agents, investors and other related industry professionals generate more leads for buying, selling and renting properties? What are some of the little known benefits, and pitfalls of common real estate lead generation channels today? Here are 12 ways for real estate […]


Technology vs. People Skills: Which Real Estate Strategies Will Win?

February 10, 2016

The real estate industry caters to independent strategies. For every investor, there is another way to go about conducting business. Some may prefer to utilize the convenience of technology while others want to maintain personal relationships. However, for one reason or another, there remains a void between these two independent strategies. Smart investors will figure […]


Real Estate Investing As A Business

February 3, 2016

“Investment is most intelligent when most business like” – Warren Buffett If investing is better when conducted most business like, does it mean that more real estate investors ought to be investing in a more businesslike fashion? Should every real estate investor be investing as a business? What does that really mean? What does it look […]


Housing Still The Best Investment Tool Of A Lifetime

January 27, 2016

Many people are still wondering whether or not real estate is one of the best investment strategies for long-term wealth building. Is investing in homes still a smart investment for the average individual? Is a home still the best investment of a lifetime for most Americans? If so, why are some pessimists still questioning the rebound […]